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Spry Orca was founded by Dan Killey in 2020, driven by a profound passion for innovation and a steadfast commitment to excellence. With nearly two decades of experience spanning computer programming, web development, product, technology operations, digital banking, and payments, Dan embarked on a mission to provide invaluable support to companies seeking to elevate their digital outcomes.


Focusing on Outcomes

Dan's journey began in the world of computer programming, where he honed his skills in Artificial Intelligence. As his career progressed, he transitioned into web development, laying a strong foundation for what would come next. Over the course of a decade, Dan expanded his horizons, delving into the intricacies of technology operations, and collaborating closely with diverse teams, including developers, QA specialists, product managers, UX designers, and executives.

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Dan has been fortunate enough to be asked to speak in several speaking engagements.

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